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Wednesday and Thursday WODS

Wednesday: Technique: Work on your muscle up. Some people are so close to finally getting a muscle-up all they need is a little bit of practice. So, tomorrow It would be nice to see some first muscle-ups! Warm up that false grip and give it a shot. Workout: Nate As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 2 muscle-ups 4 handstand push-ups 8 HEAVY KB swings (1.5 poods for the ladies and 2 poods for the guys) Thursday: Technique & Workout: I know many people have been wanting to give this workout a go since sectionals. It is going to take the entire class, so make sure you arrive on time. Coaches give a very quick warm-up and then proceed with... "The Football Total" 1 rep max power clean 1 rep max back squat 1 rep max bench press 1 rep max deadlift Your score is your total weight successfully lifted. Now, a couple of notes. Only three attempts are allowed for each lift. Therefore you must declare your attempts. For the sake of time once you have made your first declaration your next two lifts will be your second and third attempts. That is, no practice in between. Theoretically you will only have 15 minutes per station, but in reality it will be more like 12 minutes per station. So warm-up the movements but be prepared to move up quickly. Just remember good technique!