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Wednesday and Thursday Workouts

Wednesday Time to develop those handstand skills again. After all practice makes perfect. So for Wednesday's technique work on getting inverted and balancing on your hands. That is, don't be afraid to move your hands around a bit while trying to establish your balance. If you are feeling really brave give it a shot on the parallettes, make sure you have a spotter or two we don't want anyone landing on their head. After handstand fun it is time for another classic girl workout, one my favourites in fact. Barbara 5 rounds with 3 minute rest between rounds of 20 pull-ups 30 push-ups 40 sit-ups 50 squats For the sit-ups no ab-mat is necessary, just grab a mat and do regular sit-ups. Now if 5 rounds seems a little daunting you can scale it down to L'il Barb, 3 rounds. Or if you really want a challenge you can put the TBear twist on this one, i.e. chest to bar pull-ups, push-ups on two raised plates to increase the range of motion, ab-mat sit-ups and squat to a small d-ball rather than a wallball. Thursday Now, I am sure everyone is ready for some heavy lifting and some strength movements. Thursday will work on back squats and standing weighted lunges. For technique review these two movements and warm up accordingly. For the workout perform the following sequence. Back squat, lunge with right leg, lunge with left leg Find the maximum weight that you can perform this sequence unbroken. Check out the below diagram showing the various body positions for the front squat, high bar and low bar back squats.