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Wednesday: Fashion Faux Pas - Taking Donkey Down a Notch

Since coming to CrossFit Vancouver, it's been nothing but praise for Donkey. This proven Lady Killer is consistently near the top of the leaderboad, and he has leaned up a ton in the process, thanks to Paleo. His mom is also a famous author. On top of this, his nickname, Donkey, came about because of the size of one of his appendages. All this praise is surely getting to this PhD student's head, so it's time he is taken down a notch. Donkey, the female committee of Fashion Faux Pas experts voted, and we voted that you need new socks...and longer shirts. More specifically, your socks have a Grandpa sock edge to them, and your long torso means that your shirts raise above your waistband, exposing your bare torso, when you workout. Just trying to help you out, Donkey. Donkey Wednesday Tech: Resistance Band Running (10 down and backs) -Alternate these 10 runs with a partner -Use a blue or green band -Take 1-2 minutes rest in between each run Here's a video of the school's best runner Vince (aka Ladyboy, Kid Flash, or Vincanity) showing us how. WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP 400 metre run 25 Double unders If you can't consistently complete 25 double unders in 1 minute, then do HIGH KNEE skipping instead. The point of this workout is to get you all running, and to keep your heart rate up for 20 minutes. - Eunice