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Wednesday equals Gymnastics (aka Gym-nasty-ics)

Hey everyone! Only have time for a quick post today as I am out in Chilliwack and borrowing an internet connection for my laptop which is also why it is so early (the library closes at 7). Hope everyone enjoyed "Vertigo" yesterday. Today holds with tradition as being focused on gymnastics skills. Technique: Handstand practice, cause I just can't get enough. Warm up against the wall for 2 sets of approximately 15 seconds before progressing to the floor with or without spotters (your choice). Workout: Gym-nasty-ics Performed with a partner, one person working at a time - number of Rounds in 20 minutes 2 rope climbs 4 knees to elbows 8 burpees 16 jumping air squats 32 v-sits Note if your hands and torn to shreds from Cindy (hopefully not) you may substitute weighted ab-mat situps for the knees to elbows (25 lbs) or just make your partner do them all! -Kermit