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Wednesday Gymastics Day!

V-SNAPS! Keep the Core tight and reach!!!!

Dont forget to get your keycards! Sorry that The Dash was not around yesterday she got pulled into a meeting.

And now for the Wednesday WOD:


False Grip Practice

Hang for 10sec -  rest for 20s x8

Tech - Handstand Walking

or "Wall Teaters" - progression to handstand walking

In teams of 2 (one person working at a time)- Count Rounds in 20min of:

10m Handstand Walk

15 Chest to Bar Pullups

20 Broad Jumps (use body height)

25 V-Snaps

Happy Jumping! Check out Stermadinks awesome Box Jump!!!!!

Great Hip extension to start now what.......

He is on the box but...........Does he make it?????



DONT pull a STERMADINK!!!!!!!