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Wednesday Gymnastics at CrossFit Vancouver

First of all, the Easter Weekend Class Schedule: Good Friday April 10th - 7 am and 11 am Saturday April 11th - 10 am Sunday April 12 - No Class Monday April 13 - 7 am and 11 am Second of all, there is an exceptional social gathering on the 17th of April brought to you by Neil Currie and Patrick Whibley. Their networking organization, Market Fusion , is putting on one of their classic parties. I've been to a few of these shakers and its always a good time. So get your ya ya's out cuz we are going to a go go!! image Last but not least... Wednesday's workout. Its been way too long since we rocked this bad boy. Tabata This Tabata Squats 1 minute rest Tabata Pull Ups 1 minute rest Tabata Push Ups 1 minute rest Tabata Sit Ups 1 minute rest Tabata Row (cal) Your score is the total of the five Tabatas. For example, if you scored 18 squats 8 pull-up 9 push-up 12 sit-up 9 row Then your score would be 56. Good luck ya'll!!