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Wednesday gymnastics - “mitch gaylords revenge”

Wednesday's traditionally consist of gymnastics and body weight movements, So keeping with tradition.... With a running clock. 1 push up 1 box jump... 1st minute 2 push ups 2 box jumps... 2nd minute 3 push ups 3 box jumps... 3rd minute..... as high up the ladder you can go. perform all the push ups first before starting the box jumps. Chest to ground on the push ups. progression for push ups- on knees REST 3 minutes Exactly !!!!!! Then start work out B Work out B Complete as many sets of 5 chest to bar pull ups [ men ], regular style pull ups [ ladies] with exactly 10 breaths between sets then you must start your next set of 5 pull ups. if you fail on a pull up your out! Total the rounds you scored from Workout A and the number of sets of 5 chest to bar pull ups/regular pull ups from Workout B ... highest total is king and queen. pops