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Training Plan for Wednesday January 23rd 2019

A1) bench press

- 5 sets of 3 - climbing to 7/10 RPE

A2) seated L-sit variation

- 5 sets of 10-60s

A3) single arm DB lateral raise

- 5 sets of 6/6 @1112

A4) side plank

- 5 sets of 30/30s

B) @9-10/10 RPE, 14 min to complete max reps "Iowa Oats"

- 20-30-40-50...

- double unders or single skips
- DB farmer hold alt single leg step ups - approx 25% bdywt per hand

C) Accessory

- 2 min ankle rotations per side
- 1 min prone Y-s


- climb every set on the bench press until you reach a weight you can do 1-3 more reps of and stop there
- choose L-sit variation that allows you to hold for longer and more stable rather than shorter and sloppier
- not the best day to practice double unders, focus on getting through the single skips with some speed instead