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Workout for Wednesday January 25th 2017


A1) 5 sets

8s deadhang
+ 8s bent arm hang
+ 8s chin over bar hold
+ 8s bent arm hang
+ 8s deadhang

A2) wall facing handstand/handstand/pike hold/overhead barbell hold



"MadLab Open Prep 1"

3 min to complete each movement, next movement can not start in until the next alotted min

0:00 100 double unders
3:00 50 wall balls
6:00 40 pull ups/50 ring rows
9:00 30 burpee
12:00 20 pistols/20 skater squats
15:00 10 hspu
18:00 5 rope climbs/10 strict pull ups - bands allowed

if you are not done the reps when the 3 min over move on anyway


2 min dowel sit
30s lean and loiter