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Training Plan for Wednesday January 30th 2019

A) 3 rounds with an empty bar

- 8 tall muscle cleans
- 8 hang muscle cleans
- 8 front squats
- 8 tall cleans
- 8 hang cleans
- 8 cleans

B) choose one of the following

B1) hang power clean B2) front squat B3) back squat

- every 1:30 for 10 rounds complete 3-6 reps, climbing in weight to 7/10 effort

- do not max out - there should be no failed reps today 
- perfrom b.squat if 3RM is less than bodyweight 
- perform f.squat if 3RM b.squat is above bodyweight but f.squat is less 
- perfrom cln if f.squat 3RM is greater than bodyweight

C) 15 min to complete max rounds

- i) 3 hang power cleans - approx 35-45% of 3RM f.squat ii) 3 front squats 35-45%

- 12 alt front rack reverse lunge

- i) 50 double unders ii) 75 single skips

C) Accessory

- 1 min shoulder extension stretch
- 1 min wrist extensions stretch


- complete clean warm and then move on to your choice of exercises from part B)
- on a long term scale, an ideal ratio would have you back squat your bodyweight, followed by front squat bodyweight, followed by practice deans and move up in weight to bodyweight and above