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Training Plan for Wednesday June 20th 2018

A1) horizontal pressing

- 5 sets of

i) 4 plyo push ups
ii) 4 banded resistance push ups
iii) 4 tempo push ups @2222
iv) 10 push up

A2) vertical pulling

- 5 sets of

i) 3 strict chest to bar pull up
ii) 5 strict pull up
iii) 5 assisted strict pull up
iv) 10 ring row 

B) 20 min to cycle through

- 15m sled pull + 15m sled drag i) 90 ii) 125 iii) 180 iv) 225
- i) 6 strict toes to bar ii) 10s lying leg lowers iii) 8 v-ups iv) 10 tuck ups v) 40s deadbug hollow hold
- i) 20s ring support hold ii) 20s ring push up support hold iii) 20s kneeling ring push up support hold iv) 20s box or bench support hold
- 40s double front rack KB hold - approx 50% bdywt

C) 3 rounds

- 25 banded tricep extensions
- 30-60s deadhang hold


- all sets in part A) should be completed in one set - only exception being iv) push ups, those reps can be less than 10 but should still be more than 7 in the last set
- adhere to sled weights in part B)
- attempt to perform highest quality reps of all movements in part B)