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Wednesday - Just can’t get enough…handstands?!

That's right it is time practice the old school gymnastic movement, the handstand! Check out Andy's one arm version from a few years ago. Technique: Start against the wall. Perform 5 handstands holding for a minimum of 10 seconds. Move out onto the floor, attempt some handstands with a partner to spot you or if you're feeling confident just give it a go. Coach's also review rope climbs prior to the workout. I think this article has been posted in the past (perhaps even by me) but it is worth a second read. Handstand fundamentals. Now onto the good stuff! Workout: Kermit's Kreation du jour! As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of 1 rope climb 6 pistols (3 per leg) 2 muscle-ups 8 double unders 3 toes to bar 10 v-sits Use progressions as necessary. -Kermit