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Training Plan for Wednesday May 16th 2018

A) i) shoulder wall flexion test

- green - fist to wall
- yellow- thumb to wall
- red - unable to touch wall

ii) reps of wall shoulder flexion

2 sets of 6/6

B) OTM 10 min, 5-10 reps of one of the following

i) bar muscle up
ii) dynamic chest to bar pull up
iii) dynamic pull up
iv) strict pull up
v) dynamic swings

or 15-60s active deadhang

C) every 2:30 min for 5 rounds

- 200m run/250m row C2
- max reps until 30s of time remaining of i) strict toes to bar ii) v-ups iii) tuck ups

D) 2 rounds

- 2 min dowel sit
- 2 min front rack mobility - coaches choice


- choose appropriate variation for part A)
- goal is same skill and reps each round
- aim for small sets and fewer reps rather than big sets during max reps in part C)