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Training Plan for Wednesday October 23rd 2019

A1) incline DB bench press

- 3 sets of max reps
(aim to get 20 reps on the first set then add 5-10lbs for set 2 and 3)

A2) russian KB swings

- 3 sets of 20 @30-40% bdywt

A3) sit ups or tuck ups or v-ups

- 3 sets of 5-10 @3131

A4) chin over bar hold (supinated grip)

- 3 sets of 10-30s (add weight as needed)

B) for time, working 2 min on 30s off with a time cap of 17:30 min/6 intervals

"Jon Snow"

- 21-18-15-12-9-6-3

- lateral box step overs
- strict push up variation

C) Accessory

- 12/12 kneeling adi rocks
- 2 min soft tissue calves and feet


- goal is large sets of DB bench press reps, we want to aim for volume at medium weight
- use tempo to increase difficulty during sit ups, tuck ups or v-ups
- if able to hold all sets for 30s in A4) add weight with DB or weight belt
- consider breaking up push up variation into small sets, large sets in the beginning may be too much volume and can make your later sets harder
- be sure two feet make contact with the top of the box and the floor each rep during lateral box step overs
- RPE of 8/10