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Wednesday: One week until Regionals! Come out and support the team!

" "You know. I gotta support the team." - Puddy Ok, so we don't expect you to do any face painting, but the Canada West Regional is next weekend (April 27th-29th) at the Richmond Oval. It's going to be a gruelling three day competition, and the more people who come out to cheer us on, the better! What's on the line? A berth to the CrossFit Games in California this summer. Only the top two men, top two women, and top two teams in Canada West (BC to Manitoba) will earn spots to the Games. CrossFit Vancouver has qualified a team every single year so far, but you better believe it's getting tougher every year to get back to LA. We'll keep you posted on the exact time of the events, but it's looking like it will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The line-up: Individuals: Eunice Rhea Team: WOMEN: Ana 'Fancypants' Caroline 'Black Swan' Quin 'Quin Jung Il' Marlaena MEN: Mike 'Ginger Monkey/Lumber' Dan 'Afghan' Dave 'Poker' Ben 'Bumpy' Here's a video of the team: Wednesday: Tech: Do the following 5 times each: 4 to 6 L-Pull-ups (Progressions are regular strict pull ups, or strict pull ups in a band) 10 to 15 Glute Ham sit-ups 4 to 8 Glute Ham raises (use bands for progressions) Rest as needed between sets. Make your reps perfect. If you haven't done many glute ham sit-ups lately, do only three sets of them instead of five. WOD: Ball Run/Tire Flip Teams of two. 15 minute AMRAP One partner works at a time 200 metre ball run 1 tire flip If you can't flip the tire, partner up with someone who looks like you in terms of strength and flip the tire together. One partner works as the other partner rests. - Eunice