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Wednesday Rush

The past couple days I've been greeted at school by evil glares and raised middle fingers. Somehow I doubt today's WOD will improve my popularity, especially if we receive the rain we've been promised! Skill: Approach this session as a strength development session, take breaks of about 2 minutes between sets so you can give a max effort each time. 5 rounds Max L-Sit 5 rounds Max inverted ring row with feet on bench or box Compete with some partners and see who can put together the biggest numbers. WOD: Rush 800m Run 30 Box Jumps (28/36) 800m Run News worth noting: Friday the school is CLOSED for Canada Day Saturday and Sunday the school is being used for the CrossFit Level 1 cert so classes will meet offsite. No access to washrooms, change rooms, etc during the weekend. If you have any gear at the school you need for the weekend please pick it up by Thursday. Finally, something fun: Check the Wildman's Caveman Cookout! And a bit of gratuitous education that might prove useful this weekend for your Canada Day celebrations: