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Training Plan for Wednesday September 12th 2018

A) 3 rounds or 12 minutes of

- 8/8 single leg banded row + twist
- 8/8 side lunge + DB shoulder press
- 16/16 bent arm tornadoes

B1) overhead split stance variation

- 5 sets of 3

i) tall split jerks
ii) single arm tall DB split jerks
iii) single arm DB push press
iv) single arm split stance DB press
v) split stance landmine press

B2) 1/2 kneeling windmill

- 5 sets of 4/4 

C) OTM 10 min

even: rope climbing variations

i) 1-2 legless rope climb
ii) 3-5 rope pull up + reach
iii) 1-2 rope climb
iv) 20s chin over bar hold
v) 20s active hang
vi) 20s chest to ring hold

odd: 5-20 push ups

D) 2 minutes per side

1/2 kneeling overhead lat stretch
1/2 kneeling shoulder rotations


- move with focus in part A)
- stay on light side for part B)
- make part C) look "sexy"