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Training Plan for Wednesday September 4th 2019

take 15 min to complete

A1) front rack DB step ups

- 5 sets of 6/6 @approx 10-30% bdywt per hand

A2) rope climb or strict pull up variation

- 5 sets of 2 attempts of 1-10 reps (rest 30s between)

complete one of the following

B) 1 mile run


C) 10 min bike


D) 2km row 

E) Accessory

- 2 min dowel sit
- 5/5 per arm - bent arm elbow rotations with dowel


- aim for heaviest step up weight possible
- choose pull up variation that is one harder than you can complete 5 sets of 10 at
- practice rope climb if able to complete 5 sets of 10 ring rows with 2 steps forward
- choose cardio test you have not completed recently
- if completed all test then retest based on wants
- RPE of 10/10