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Wednesday September 8th

A few years ago when I started CrossFitting at home following the HQ site inverted burpees came up a few times. I remember struggling to hunt down how-to videos online and the first time I tried I couldn't get anywhere near the prescribed rep count. I haven't seen them come up much since but maybe that's because only a few people can actually do them. So CFV I'm putting the challenge out there to you. First you need to learn to Kip: Today's Tech: 1) Kip Up 2) Inverted Burpee This is almost an Inverted Burpee but it is missing the HSPU:. If you can't get the kip, here is a rolling up version: For today's WOD only full kip and HSPU count as unprescribed. A roll to handstand will count as an acceptable progression. Partners take turns spotting each other as needed. Partner WOD: Frog Dance With Partner Amrap 30 mins 5 each inverted burpees 7 each leap frog over/crawl under your partner 9 secs each l-sit hold (or 18 sec w-sit if you do not have an L-sit) 11 each parallettes shoot throughs 200m partner carry Partners may work at same time but must share 1 set of parallelettes and must share wall space. And in case anyone is wondering about Shoot Throughs: