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Wednesday Stretching Class - Dynamic stretching - whole body

WINTER 2012 JOIN US ON WEDNESDAYS from 7 to 8 PM... classes are informative, challenging and always fun Cost: $20/one-time or buy a package: 4/$70 10/$130 Questions? Please call Giselle --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April 18th - Toes-up -Full body stretching routine --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We'll review dynamic warm up exercises and target T-spine rotation/extension and hip external rotation lets work on overhead squats. Requests are welcome as always. Please review a few pointers about the importance of warming up prior exercising: What is a dynamic warm-up and what does it do for you? Move until you generate a light steam :) When the body is cold, the nervous system guards and restrict movement. Dynamic warm-up means constant motion throughout the warm-up, it should elevate the core body temperature (you really want to feel a light sweat before you begin your workout) this means your circulatory system is ready to pump tons of blood to every working muscles fibre. After 5-10 minutes of warm-up you should literally feel your joints and muscles pumped up with oxygen and warm blood. How should dynamic stretching be done? In general the aim is to move the muscle into full range of stretches in a similar way to how they’re going to move them in a workout. Gently propel muscles towards their maximum range of motion but do not use jerky, forced movements to try to increase the range of motion beyond what is comfortable as it can easily cause injury. Doing light kicks or swings with little explosive acceleration, while gradually increasing height is considered a dynamic stretch. Important notice: What you should know about Fascia: Fascia is a 3 dimensional connective tissue system (if you have never seen it its kind of like the sinew you would see on raw chicken). This one big sheet of fascia wraps around literally every millimetre of muscle, ligament, muscle fibre, nerve, organs.... it acts like a high-speed internet transmitting movement from muscles to the bones they are attached to. Fascia is a continuous fascial sheet, you can feel this when your heel hurts and suddenly new pain appears everywhere... in the knees, back, shoulders or neck and feels like you are a complete wreck. After warm-up, the fascia becomes more gel-like, more pliable, providing a more supportive and movable wrapping for nerves and blood vessels as they pass through and between muscles. Fascia holds onto not just physical pain but also mental and emotional stress and pain that may have happened in the past - stress can get stored up in the body as trigger points... What are trigger points/knots in the soft tissue? Knots are like toxic wastelands inside your soft tissue! Especially when muscles over work you may notice knot like painful spots (accumulated lactic acid) in any parts of the body. Massage and self-myofascial release with foam/or harder rollers and tennis/or fascia balls can remove and release these toxic acid byproducts of energy production. Make sure you have a customized self-care routine to support your exercise regime or book a massage therapy session and prevent painful injuries with the help of a professional Watch this video to add new ideas to your dynamic warm up routine Wall Squat progression   Video Production by Red+Ripley Creative