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First 1/3 of WoD 6

The 2012 Crossfit Regionals are right around the corner! Once again we're lucky enough to have them in our back yard (Richmond Olympic Oval). ¬†Our Guys and Gals have a long weekend ahead of them, so stop by and support your CFV athletes. Get your tickets¬†here. Today's Warm Up: Get hot and sweaty Today's Skill/Str Element: Groove the Muscle Up Warm Up the Deadlift Today's Workout: 7 Deadlifts (345/225lbs*) 7 Muscle Ups (2012 Regionals standard) 3 Rounds *Scale weight appropriately Today's Finisher: Total 60sec in an Lsit variation of your choice This WoD makes up the first 1/3 of the CF Regional Individual Event 6. Come back tomorrow for a taste of what the Teams will have to go through. Tune into 4:30 and onward for Carl Paoli's take on the muscle up. Its probably the best instructional video on the MU that I've seen, its well suited for beginners, as well as for those who have a muscle up but have yet to own the muscle up.   A