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Week 6 - Sport Nutrition and Recovery

Week 6 is here and the homework has been emailed out. Keep working hard and focus on your technique. Post up here the results from your 1 mile time trial and the two interval workouts that were sent out for this week! Also a heads up, there is a Crossfit Level 1 Certification at the gym this weekend so we'll be meeting up in the parking lot outside the gym gates and heading off-site for a workout. Please do not enter the gym for any reason, even to drop off your bag or use the bathroom. We'll have have access to a bathroom off site, if need be. For a Crossfit athlete doing workouts 4-6 times per week, we typically recommend some variation of the paleo diet concept. However, for athletes who are also interesting in adding other sport specific training and in particular endurance sport training - it is increasingly necessary to focus on your nutrition and how it affects recovery. To this end, a book called Paleo Diet for Athletes was co-written by Loren Cordain, a paleo diet guru, and Joe Friel, a very well respected endurance coach. The book discusses the 5 stages of recovery - (1) Before Exercise, (2) During Exercise, (3) Immediately after Exercise, (4) Extended Recovery, and (5) Long Term Daily. I found you a quick guide to read HERE. I had amazing success by experimenting with the recovery methods discussed in this book while training for Ironman. It continued to surprise me that I could hit a Crossfit workout full out and feel completely drained for the day. Then I would immediately take a recovery smoothie and head home for a full meal within the same hour. Within 3 hours my body would respond and be ready to take on my afternoon endurance workout. I also had amazing failures by skipping my post workout nutrition, forsaking it for a few post workout beverages. Just that lapse in nutrition would put me into a 2-3 day all out recovery with no training. To succeed in endurance training - become a RECOVERY SPECIALIST! But you'll have to experiment and find out what works for you for different types of training... just use these stages of recovery as a guide and go from there. And now a little discussion (linked in from Flo Track) on proper nutrition from legendary track coach, Jack Daniels (no - not the booze!). He's old school and I like his attitude.

Watch more video of Saucony Thirsty Thursdays with Jack Daniels on

Cheers - See you Saturday! Dan