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Week a la Sheppy - CrossFit Vancouver’s First Day

Ah yes. Your first day at CrossFit Vancouver. For some an ugly wake up call. For others an enrolling catalyst. This institution is integral to developing the culture of common experience in our community. Well, the time has come for all of us to revisit the glorious day we discovered CrossFit Vancouver. Monday's Workout: 400m Ball Run (20/12lbs) Max Reps - Push Ups - Pull Ups - Ring Dips - Sit Ups in 1 minute Tabata Squats Chest must hit the deck for the push ups. Arms fully extended at the bottom and chin over the bar for the pull ups. Hooking in of the feet for the sit ups is allowed. Bum targets must be used for Tabata squats. The 400m ball run route at the old gym (around the block) was actually 417m. Expect some discrepancy. If you use progressions for any of the exercises then mark your score with an asterisk. Your score will be the total amount of reps you accumulate plus your Tabata squats subtracted from your ball run (in seconds). For example: My first day was as follows: 400m Ball Run - 1:26 Push Ups - 28 Pull Ups - 17 Ring Dips - 4 SitUps/Min - 31 Tabata Squats - 15 2 minutes later... threw up. (Can't figure out how to count this in the scoring). So, my score would be 86 sec (1:26 Ball Run) Minus 95 (the total of my reps and Tabata squats) Equaling -9. Have some fun out there. image What did Pukie have for lunch?