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Week o’ Kermit - Tuesday

Tuesday's workout is pillaged from CrossFit Unlimited. Run 400m then, 5 rounds of: 3 Clean & Jerks(m155#/w95#) 5 Pull ups 15 Squats then, run 400m There are a great many debates regarding diet and what is ideal for the species homo sapiens. In the CrossFit community is seems that the current thinking falls in line with the Paleolithic aka Hunter/Gatherer diet. Now, I am by no means an expert but in an attempt to educate myself (without constantly bombarding the Machine with questions) I found the following website, which seems to break it down. The Essentials of the Paleolithic Diet Plus as a bonus I stumbled across the following paleo recipes for those of us who cannot seem to shake cookies, brownies, and pancakes. I have tried a couple of these recipes with mixed results. If anyone decides to give one a try let us know how it turns out, or if you have any of your own favorite paleo recipes forward them along. Baking Paleo Style