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Week of Max - Day Five

Friday will be the title workout of this week. "Zoe/Isabel" 30 muscle-ups 30 snatches (135/85) Now, you might be thinking "Max, have you gone f@$king loco?!" I assure you, I went loco a long time ago. The exercises can be broken up however you wish (6 rounds of 5 MU and 5 snatches, for example). Snatches are Isabel style, so squat snatches, power snatches and muscle snatches are all acceptable. Most people will scale, and the leaderboard will be wonky. Here will be the hierarchy: 1. Full WoD 2. Lil version (15 of each) 3. Full muscle-ups, scaled weight 4. Scaled muscle-ups, full weight (is anyone going to do this? Probably not) 5. Everyone else Can't do a muscle-up? Learn, with Mango! Yes, I'm mean. I'm targeting two of our weaknesses. Hopefully we can have more people getting their muscle-ups soon. Post complaints to comments smile -Max- "It shows a problem known as a Donkey Kick. As the jump occurs, the heels come up in the back and then stomp back down into place. This is a terrible waste of time and energy, and contributes nothing to making the bar go up. Stop doing this immediately or I will have you killed." - Mark Rippetoe