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Week of Max - Day Six!

Here we are, end of the week! The last workout will be a strength workout. It will test your grip endurance, force of will, and tolerance for extreme discomfort. "The Bear Complex" 7 sets of the sequence: - Power Clean - Front Squat - Push Press - Back Squat - Push Press The above sequence is one round. We will be doing multiple rounds for maximum weight. You should rest about 5 minutes between rounds. The bar may never rest on the ground, not even to re-grip throughout the entire round. There is no time component, so take all the time you need. A demonstration is much easier for explaining the workout. Video courtesy of CFHQ (higher quality wmv and mov files are also available). We will be doing at least 4 rounds, though you can do more if time allows. Your score for the day will be your heaviest completed round. For example, from the video, Freddy would get 150, Jolie would get 83, and the third guy would get 135 for his 4th round (his 5th round was failed). And that's the end! Hopefully you've enjoyed it. Post what you liked and didn't like to comments. Cheers! -Max- "Go home and tell Mom that you're a man now." - Mark Rippetoe