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Week of Max - Day Two

Pyrros Dimas is THE MAN. He won 3 Olympic golds and 1 bronze. The guy had a 180.5kg (398lbs) snatch, 215kg (475lbs) clean and jerk, and a 330kg (729lbs) back squat, at a bodyweight of 85kg. Your task for today is to work on the snatch. We don't work on the snatch nearly enough to get proficient, so today is your chance to hit it hard and improve your technique. Your score for the day will be your one-rep max. Work on the snatch hard and get real intimate with it, we'll be visiting the snatch again later this week. The top male and female snatchers will be crowned with the title "Snatchmaster." Enjoy -Max- "The Olympic Snatch is gymnastics with a bar." - Mark Rippetoe