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week of popeye day 3… “hop, twist, and rise”

Today is a team workout. You and your partner will have a total of 30 minutes to complete as many rounds of 12 box jumps,(if class has an odd number, odd man/woman goes for 15min) 10 russian twists/side, and 1 rope climb. For the box jumps, raise up the boxes with a riser underneath, for the russian twists... 20lbs/12lbs D balls. Athlete" A" must complete the box jumps, Russian twists, and rope climb before athlete "B" can start his turn,. 1 round = athlete a and athlete b's round combined. If you are a long distance runner and have a six inch verticle... use a lower box. Modification for the rope climb... 3 from laying on back to standing=1 rope climb. Eat your spinach check out this dude... pretty amazing.