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week of popeye day 4 “BRUTUS”

Popeye had his arch rival "Brutus"... I too have an arch rival...."The Over head squat" Day four will incorporate explosiveness, trunk stability, flexibility, stamina and of course good old fashion strength. 1 hang power snatch, 1 overhead squats, 1 ring dips 2 hang power snatch, 2 overhead squats, 2 ring dips 3 hang power snatch, 3 overhead squats, 2 ring dips.... up to 10 800m run 10 hang power snatch, 10 overhead squats, 10 ring dips 9 hang power snatch, 9 overhead squats, 9 ring dips 8 hang power snatch, 8 overhead squats, 8 ring dips... back down to 1 men use 40% bodyweight Ladies use 30% bodyweight The last time I posted this WOD all the top Dawgs met up at four o clock to do battle. It was a very cool enrgy in the room...Lets see what happens round 2 ?. This one was made for "the Fire Breathers", and is one hell of a grind. Dont be affraid to scale down if you need. Awesome effort this week... keep it up Check out another great movie by BK productions (this one made the website) (Quicktime) (Windows Media) image