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week of popeye “day 5” absolute strength

Today's focus is on "absolute strength" It is important to keep rest intervals much longer than you would with the metabolic conditioning workouts we have done this week. Around 3 minutes between sets is needed to allow recovery to both your muscular and central nervous system. All the top Crossfitter have many great qualities such as discipline, excellent work ethic,consistancy,genetics, and a solid STRENGTH base. (compare your Crossfit totals with some of the top guys from the 1st Crossfit Games). If your 1rm, 3rm, or 5 rm increases in your key lifts (deadlift, squat, press),I guarantee your Fran, Diane, and even helen times will drop (provided your conditioning is descent). So .... Deadlifts 3 x 3 ... perform 3 warm-up sets with a gradual increase in load. Once you have decided the weight you will use for your 3 reps you CANNOT CHANGE the load for the next two sets. You must use the same weight for all 3 sets. I f you "undershoot" your potential, your score will be low, but if you "overshoot" and miss a rep in the set your score is zero for that set. Multiply your weight used by the # COMPLETED sets. Bench Press 3 x 3.... same rules and scoring apply as the deadlift. Combine your completed deadlift totals with your bench press totals... highest score is "King and Queen" for the day. Check out Coach "Ripp" teaching the deadlift P.S notice the handsome guy in the front row with the white Krav Maga shirt (ignore the bald spot) big surprise