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Week of Popeye Day1 “Skid Row”

. SKID ROW" If possible,"partner up" with someone of similar abilities and body type.(If class has odd number, pair odd man/woman with another person from other pair) Athlete "A" rows 10 strokes ONLY and records his/her distance , then Athlete "B" does the same. Once athlete "B" is done , athlete "A" rows 11 pulls and records his distance, athlete "B" does the same...repeat up to 20 rows each recording every round. For every 5m difference between the two athletes score in each round,you must perform 1 burpee. ie. Athlete "A" 10 pulls =120m, athlete "B"10 pulls= 140m....athlete "A" owes 4 burpees for that round. Keep rest between rounds to a minimum ,total up all the burpees for each round and perform them after the rowing is completed. To take home "the Gold" total up all your rounds... most distance covered wins. image