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Weekend Double Post

LAMB SHANKS ARE IN! Allrighty folks we just got in a new bunch of Aussie Lamb (almost as good as the Kiwi stuff) its all packaged and ready to go!                   Here is a link to The Dashies world famous Lamb recipe: Saturday's Workout: The Hellenator With a partner trade off rounds of Helen for 30 minutes. 1 round is: 400 m Run 21 KB Swings (black/red) 12 Pull Ups You must physically tag your partner between rounds. Coaches start the workout at 10 past the hour. After 5 minutes of recovery when finished, lead the class through some stretching with focus on the lower back and hamstrings. Throw some band shoulder stretches in there too. at least 4 minutes per arm. Sunday's Workout: Make up day. Pick a workout from this week that you missed and hit it hard. Or re do a workout. Anyone want to test their Fran again? Haha. I believe the weekend make up day offers us utility as athletes. It is, however, quite difficult for our coaches to juggle 4 different workouts at a time. Be nice to them and give them a big ol' pat on the back (side). Muah! Shep