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Weekend Double Post!

  Dreams are great. You can be anything, anyone and do whatever you want. Dreams can be good or bad, exciting or down, happy or sad, mysterious or revealing. Dream about places you want to go or places you have been. Dream about what you want to be or have in life. Everyone should always dream and dream big! Dream about the future and about new possibilities. But most importantly is: never forget the present. Be thankful for what you have and who you are. Be happy with your life now and the things that are part of it. Dreams are only dreams… Set some goals, enjoy the ride and make your dream come true!   SATURDAY PARTNER WOD: 20 minutes of: - 400m Run - 20 kb Swings - Burpees So here is how it works: Partner A go for the Run... Partner B does 20 KB Swings and as many Burpees as he/she can with the remaining time. When Partner A comes back they switch and Partner B runs while Partner A does 20 KB Swings plus as many Burpees as he/she can with the remaining time. Score is number of  Burpees done. SUNDAY WOD: Fran 21 - 15 - 09 - Thrusters - Pull ups   Hope you guys have enjoyed this week. Have a great weekend! Fancypants :)