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Weekend Double Post

What a week it has been folks. Hope you all enjoyed it. Akin to yesterday's post, if we are to consider all the stressors in our lives then certainly we cannot leave out love. Undeniably it can uplift you and make your life better... And let's just say sometimes it doesn't. haha I thought I'd take the opportunity today to share with you a super interesting talk from I figure it can be helpful to all of us if we can learn about love not "the hard way". wink Interesting stuff. Love as an addiction? Saturday's Workout: Skill/Tech: 50 m Sprints x 6 2 minutes rest between Workout: Snatch Play Day Do some technique and drills then try some lifts. Go heavy if you want or stay mid weight. No Leaderboard Sunday's Workout: Nate 2 Muscle Ups 4 HSPU 8 Kettle Bell Swings (2/1.5 Pood) Rounds in 20 Minutes (AMRAP) I heard a lot of moaning about how soar people were from last Sunday's muscle up/back squat extravaganza. Though I keep the ball rolling. Have a great weekend!! Shep