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If you haven't picked up a ticket for the Hallowe'en party yet for both yourself and your friends, do so pretty quick before ticket prices go up mid-week!! It will definitely be one of the most memorable nights of the year. If you want to bartend, e-mail Sheppy: And we still need people to sign-up for decorating, clean-up and door duty - bartending and working the door is a great way to get to know people in the community if you're new. Sign-up is on the bulletin board at the entrance. Saturday: Technique: Put 15 minutes on the clock and work on your double unders. Conquer those bad boys! WOD: Hostile Takeover WOD #1 A few of us are heading to Seattle this weekend for the Hostile Takeover event. It's a one day partner event (one man, one woman) with three workouts total. Today's workout is the first event that we'll be doing today, as well. Post your scores to the comments, let us know how you did, and we'll let you know how you and your partner would have done in Seattle. Our event doesn't start until 1 pm, so it will be good to have you test drive this workout for us and give us some strategy tips. The workout: On a 16 minute running clock. 4 minutes at each exercise. Partner A works for 30s while partner B rests. Switch every 30s until the 4 minutes are up, and then move on to the next movement. Air Squats Push Ups Box Jumps Burpee Pull Ups Sunday: Technique: Overhead Squats (3, 3, 3) WOD: 3 Rounds of: 10 OHS (135/95 lbs) 50 Double Unders EUNICE