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Weekend Post and Reminders

I know I am still feeling defeated after dropping the bar after my 14th OHS, however after talking to many people about it I have come to realise that success is NOT everything. I have come to understand that even though I failed what I did was a pretty huge accomplishment and I need to be happy with it. We all want better times, more reps, heavier weight and you know what IT WILL COME!!! So for now, keep working hard and push yourself to the limits but if you do not achieve what you want don't get on a downer just keep calm, carry on and kick butt next time, it will only make you stronger! A few things to think about: Paleo 3.0: -Last day of pinching is Tuesday -If you have been pinched but managed to run away without paying PLEASE pay ASAP -Please start using the bog on the website to let us know how you are doing..Cheats, Recipes, Shopping ideas.... -Halloween party will be happening soon start thinking about those costumes!! -Sign up for Crossfit Vancouver's Exercise Seminar -The Beef order is slowly coming together, we are waiting for the farm to replenish its stocks and get back to us with a package Saturday Tech: Push/Split Jerk from behind the neck Workout: 'Helen' 400m Run 21 KB Swings 12 Pull Ups 3 Rounds for time Sunday Tech: One legged Deadlifts (you can try this with the bar or use a heavy Kettlebell) Workout: 'Nancy' 400m Run 15 OHS (65/95) 5 Rounds for time