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Weekend Schedule back to normal

2009 is here and all your classes are back, starting with this weekend. Let's see you at one of the following: Crossfit Classes Saturday, Jan 3rd - 10 or 11am & Sunday Jan 4th - 12 Noon. The Technique/Skill Section will include the introduction of: The WidowMaker Back Squats then follow with... " Rip that Snatch and Pound your Chest! " (5 Rounds) - 9 Dumbbell Snatch (per side) - 9 Chesty Pull-ups * These will be ballistic hang power snatches * Let's practice chest to bar pull-ups as well. If unable, note your time with an asterisk. Loading Men 180lbs and above will use a 45lb dumbbell, below 180lbs - 40lbs dumbbell Women 140lbs and above will use a 30lb dumbbell, below 140 - use 25lbs Enjoy and let's get back at it!