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Stretching Classes are offered every Wednesday @ 7-8PM

Come and join us for our stretching and mobility drills Classes are offered on: Wednesdays 7-8 PM Saturdays are not offered anymore :( *please check the iCocoon bulletin board for changes. Instructor: Giselle Nagy, Stretch Therapists Fees - Crossfit Vancouver Member's: and * Non-members Fees One Session: $20 | $30 Non-members* Four Sessions: $70 | $100* Ten Sessions: $130 | $200* iCST-Intro Private Session: $80 |90 minute one-on -one review of iCST-Intro material Payment: Prices are subject to 12% HST. We accept cheque or cash only, please pay at the door. Pre-requisite to enter Stretch Therapy classes:
  • The iCocoon Stretch Therapy Intro - You can repeat the iCST-Intro any time for as little $30/2hr or
  • At least one private Stretch Therapy session with Giselle - by appointment only
Either of the above options are required to be done within one year from your first day in class. Important details :
  1. In order to truly warm up your muscles, it is highly recommended to attend the WOD prior to each stretch class. This will save us time to work instead of warm up in class. Have a light snack to stay sharp and drink plenty of water to continuously hydrate your muscles.
  2. Be sure to dry your body and change to a separate set of dry clothing to retain your body temperature. Muscles are simply more pliable when warmed up.
FAQs Q. Why is it important to have the pre-requisite done within one year from the first day in class? A. Basic exercises are taught in the iCST-Intro or during Private ST sessions. Weekly STclasses are designed to gradually progress to advanced partner assisted stretching, multi-joint, stand 3 dimension stretching exercises. This requirement is the standard entree level to STClasses. Oct 21, 2011 "There was one CF athlete who turned up for the first Stretch Therapy Class on Wed. October 19th.  " "Ironically, small stretching classes are the best way to receive individual attention and tailored assistance ... its almost like a private session for  a very small fee..." Stretch Therapy Classes: Wednesdays 7-8 PM *please check the iCocoon bulletin board for changes. We had our first stretching class  this past Wednesday evening.  I had one "Believer'  who attended and he got my full attention for the whole session.  His private "class" cost him $20.  If I was him, I would pray to the Universe to keep everyone away from attending and continue enjoying my very own "class".  I am happy to have at least one Believer! I know it will take some time to get the attendance up and it may actually take a long time to start making real progress in our stretching classes but I am not discouraged ... I love building projects and really enjoy walking into the school and observe more and  more people stretching after their workouts.  Seeing that inspires me to focus on the weekly Stretching Classes - and yes, I will be there every Wednesday 7-8pm and Saturdays from 12:30-1:30pm - regardless whether it is only for one person or for many more.  *Everybody is Welcome!! Contact Giselle for more info visit Cocoon Wellness’ website for more details about stretch therapy classes.