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Weight Shift in Sport - The Golf Swing

Shifting your weight in order to move is one of the foundations of all movement. Think about getting out of a chair… You shift your weight from your butt to your feet - Maybe even bring in the hands and arms.

Weight shift is especially important in athletic movement. It allows one to move more swiftly and powerfully. Think of a baseball pitcher loading up his back leg then using it to lunge forward into the throw… Or a basketball player performing a crossover. Using the ground and your lower body to initiate and power movement is the path to better movement. 

Weight shift is especially important in the golf swing. It's a small lateral move away from the target then a strong move back to the target and through. There is a pelvic tilt component that facilitates ease of rotation and increased power. You have to stay balanced over the ball while this is all going on in order to create an accurate strike. The moves your lower body is making guide what your upper body and arms are going to do.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? There is a lot going on right? Well, one can say yes there is…  But it doesn’t have to be perfect. So Dr. Bob Rotella tells us in his book “Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect”.

As a TPI Golf Fitness trainer, I work on all aspects of my client’s bodies and their ability to swing a golf club. I do not coach their golf swing - That is for golf professionals to do. I just make my client’s bodies better at executing an effective and efficient golf swing.

There are countless ways we can practice and develop your weight shift in the gym. We can use different kinds of weights, bands, boxes, balance drills etc… The list is endless. One thing that is for certain is that you will hit it better and farther if your body is consistently trained to weight shift effectively.  

Your body is the most important part of your golf game. Take care of it accordingly.

If you are interested in TPI Golf Fitness or have any questions please reach out to me, Chris Saini, at