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Saturday 11:30 Weightliftng Class

It's been six months since we started offering our weightlifting class. 

I have seen the same regular folks out every Saturday essentially since the class began. Sometimes there are a few stragglers, but for the most it has been the same crew. 

Let me say how much I love showing up every Saturday and seeing the same people. Having consistency allows me to track their progress and their ability much better. It also shows me how committed they are to getting better at weightlifting. 

That being said there is never a bad time to start coming. If you have goals that include getting stronger and better at weightlifting then this is the place you should be every Saturday. You don't need to start at the beginning of a cycle, or at the start of the month, you just need to start. 

So, if you have the itch to get in a max snatch or clean & jerk I suggest getting in the practice with quality reps each and every Saturday. 

Let me clear when I say there is no conditioning or metcon during the weightlifting class. All 90 minutes are spent practicing technique, positioning and strength for weightlifting, and I assure by the end you'll be toast. 

See you there. 

Coach Tom