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Wendy LeCheng Success Story

Wendy LeCheng

Derek (aka the bamboo-chewing Panda bear) and I started in January 2009 on the recommendation of our friend from the ultimate frisbee community. We have gone through a lot, in our short time at MADLAB and, as far as a "transformation" goes, we have gained far more than just fitness: 
- A Safe Workout Regime. We can get our bodies moving and grooving (and sweating) without risking injury. The programming is all scale-able and tailored to ensure we get the most out of it. The word "C__F___t" is no longer applicable here. Truly. There is far too much focus on technique, form, one-on-one coaching, and consistent data tracking, for it to be applicable anymore. The wild west days of work out until barfing/injury are over (thank GOD), and the business model ensures that our coaches can actually earn a living and stay committed to us, their clients. 
- A Coach for Life. The Coach we began with (T-Bear) has stuck with us through thick and thin. He (along with his apprentices Tom and Chest) knows our bodies better than we do, and they ensure we are getting what we want out of this place; whether it is a fitness, strength, weight, or overall lifestyle goal. T-Bear was the one who challenged me to question all of the fear mongering about working out while pregnant. I worked out happily and without issue for 9.5 months while preggers. Without T's extra nudge, I would have been miserable during pregnancy. Our coaches also know how and when to call me out on my bullshit day-to-day, and I appreciate them more than they could ever understand. 
- A Community. The friends I have made at MADLAB are incredibly important and valuable to me. I love them like family. Without this community, I wouldn't have been able to bring in my newborn and complete workouts. I wouldn't have been able to get through the post-partum struggles and loneliness that accompanies new motherhood. And I certainly wouldn't still be coming in 2-4x per week. Justine has grown up at MADLAB, and is a true reflection of the proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child".
- A Dashie. If you do not yet have a Dashie in your life, you are obviously living a lesser life than those of us at MADLAB. Having a Dashie in your life gives you: an efficient and well-functioning School of Fitness; emotional strength in hard times; a shoulder to lean on; and a really, really small target to aim your jibs and jabs at. You don't even have to understand what she's saying (I certainly don't) to enjoy time spent with a Dashie. I highly recommend getting one, as they can also easily fit in your pocket!
MADLAB = Goodness