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Training Plan for Wednesday September 26th 2018

A1) 5 sets of 3

i) split jerk
ii) single arm DB split jerk (per side)
iii) single arm split stance DB press (per side)
iv) split stance landmine press (per side)

A2) L-sit variation

- 5 sets of 15-60s

i) hanging
ii) ring support
iii) parallette
iv) seated
v) double leg KB lift-off

B) 16 min to complete

"DB Death Star"

- 50/40 cal row C2
- 50 single arm DB push press - approx 15-25% bdywt
- 30 i) strict toes to bar ii static hanging leg raise ii) v-ups iv) tuck ups
- 30 step down box jumps
- 20 weighted sit ups - approx 15-25%
- 20 alt DB snatch 15-25% bdywt

C) 2 minutes per side

- 1/2 kneeling overhead lat stretch
- 1/2 kneeling shoulder lift off holds


- adhere to red-yellow-green light
- choose A2) option to allow for more time under tension