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What Elite Athletes Eat

After Crossfit Games I decided to stay done in San Jose catch up on some sleep, dedicate time to and train with Greg Everett and Aimee Anaya at Catalyst Athletics. Catching up on the sleep was definitely needed. Coaching at 5am, teaching during the day and training at night took a toll on my body. Naturopath said the only thing that saved me from complete adrenal burnout was my diet. But its amazing how quickly damage can be done and how long it takes to repair! The articles on have all been updated, the members forum has been redesigned to make it easier to comment and respond to articles and post questions, corporate seminars are being designed, and a Live your life by the Fit4You5 pocket guide will be developed in time for Christmas! For your viewing pleasure, a video my brother put together at the games: Machine Mondays Workout: Jacobs Ladder Pursuit Style. Line up the dumbbells, stagger the starts in 3 minute intervals and see if you can chase down the rabbit in 12 minutes. Boys start at 15lb dumbbells, Girls start at 10lbs. Perform 5 deadlifts, 5 hang power cleans and 5 push presses at each weight before moving on to the next. How heavy can you get?