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What good is fitness if it doesn’t improve your life?

image MADLab II: Brown Bomber (Now an RCMP Officer saving lives), Andy Nuts (Now an Army Officer who leads troops into combat), Tbear (Same...less hair), Jayboy the Playboy (Stud), Girly Man (a lot skinnier and a little less innocent), Dave "The freak" Seadon (Now married and a Dad) Sometimes I have to look back through my hard drive to remember just how far we have come. It seems like we have been constantly striving to get better (the girls showers will get cleaner.......the tile job makes it look worse than it is, but we will get better) that we forget how far we have come. I know we have a long ways to go yet, but for a moment it is nice to look back at this photo and remember the people in them. Each has grown tremendously. I am proud of them and our community for the support it gives people in improving each others lives. After all, what good is fitness if your life gets shittier? Wednesday's workout: If you haven't done Cindy do Cindy. If you have... do this: Warmup: tabata toes to bar Tech: 20 minute Tbear (or Monk) stretching session Wod: Added total of the following max hang(active) max l-sit (straight legs knees together) max handstand Coaches take few minutes between each, you can have three groups rotate Longest time wins