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What Has CrossFit Taught You?

This is a piece I found on CrossFit Lisbeth. I thought it would be great to post on our site because surely most of us can relate. "15 Things CrossFit Has Taught Me." By Lisbeth Darsh. This is a great site because it bases the programing on a different kind of WOD...Words of the Day! I feel this maybe useful for some who shy away from workouts that highlight weaknesses. Of course some days can be a little more difficult then others, these words can be very motivating. 1. If I think it’s heavy, it will feel heavy. 2. If I complain, no one wants to stand near me . . . except other complainers. 3. Finishing last is okay sometimes. 4. Finishing first feels great . . . if a bit lonely. 5. Mom was right: Stand up straight. 6. Shakespeare was right: The empty vessels make the loudest noise. 7. Keep quiet and pay attention and you’ll learn a lot. 8. Nothing feels better than that first big breath of air after you’ve deprived yourself of oxygen. 9. “Power” doesn’t mean it has an external motor. 10. “Squat” means a LOT more than the phrase “doesn’t mean squat.” 11. If someone near you yells “Oh sh**!”, jump to the side. Really, really fast. 12. What goes up does come down. Even if it only goes halfway up. And that’s usually worse. 13. If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. 14. Cheaters think they win. But everybody knows the truth. 15. What you put into life, you get out of life. So don’t quit. And don’t stop. Drive onward, always onward. And now for todays Gymnastic skills. Workout, Complete 7 rounds of: 7 Ring dips 10 pistols (alternate leg to leg 5 each side) 5 L-Pull ups Charlie.