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What is a Chicken Wing in Golf?

What do you think of when you hear the words chicken wing?

Delicious hot and spicy morsels of protein and fat?

Ya me too.  :-)

However, when golfers hear the words chicken wing they cringe.  If someone told them they chicken winged on their last swing they know they made a bad swing.

Now you've heard me say before than you can show a certain swing characteristic and not necessarily have a physical ailment causing it.  Maybe you just bend your forward arm at impact due to lack of knowledge or focus.

Nevertheless, chances are your chicken wing is caused by poor lower body rotation and/or transfer of the power to your upper body and the club head.

When this happens your arms and hands will try and help the club head... This actually has an opposite effect of lofting the club, losing distance, and putting excessive spin on the ball.

You chicken wing can also be caused by not starting your downswing with your hips and executing an efficient kinematic sequence.  This causes you to come down steep on the ball and you can chicken wing to make space at the last split second instead of hitting it fat.

As well, you must externally rotate your lead shoulder in the through swing.  If you don't, you will chicken wing.

So where does this leave us? (other than going to the pub to get chicken wings... ?)

We are fortunate enough to have the solution. 

Using TPI Golf Fitness drills and exercises we would help develop your ability to weight shift then rotate your hips to start your downswing. 

We would also practice movements that can create connection between your upper and lower body so the power you are creating with your hips gets delivered to the club head and the ball.

Finally we would get to work on some mobility exercises to help facilitate the external rotation of BOTH your shoulders.

Sound like fun?  It does to me.  :-)

Remember your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you have.  It needs to be taken care of with steadfast and intelligent effort.  I won;t coach your golf swing but I will make your body better at golf.

If you have any questions about TPI Golf Fitness please contact Chris Saini at


Happy Swinging!