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What Makes The Best CrossFitter?

Here they are! Our Mad Lab 5.0 winners and runner ups. Congratulations to all of you! So why did Eunice's team win and Pete K's team loose? To consider all the variables and answer this question would be a complex and lengthy inquiry for certain. Lucky for us our Minister of Education Tony Leyland has taken on the task. Head to the Exercise Science section of our website and find out what makes the best CrossFitter. TBear, Andy Sack and I designed the Mad Lab 5.0 workouts to test a team's efficacy at The Sport of Fitness. There are 30-40 main movements we do in CrossFit. We tried to hit as many as we could. We tested all three metabolic pathways. We changed up the type of intensity with load and reps (sometimes we upped both). We tested a team's ability strategize but also to communicate under fire. It was an honour and awesome learning experience. Each team member brings something different to the table. Ultimately, a well balanced team should of come out the victors. Emily chose a good team. Wendy Panda (now her legal surname) is developing as a good crossfitter. Especially considering she had a kid this year. Good met con and a steal will to work hard and improve will guide her to further successes. The way forward for her is to get those hspus and muscle ups dialled in. A definite separation point for all crossfitters. Going to be exciting to watch her develop. I'd bet she has both by summer. Damian is a big dude and offered the team some great support with the weighted element of the workouts. He has also been working very hard at his nutrition which has leaned him out substantially. This was especially important as the semis came down to max pull ups in 2 minutes. An event which Damian won. I would bet being lighter definitely helped him to victory there. I know my gymnastics stuff is noticeably better even when I am 3-4 pounds lighter (are you reading this Sheik?). Ana showed herself to be an integral part of her team's success. Her muscle ups and hspus were a real deciding factor in the team's victory during "Nate". She only got her first m/u this summer! She has ever improving met con and impeccable technique. Easy to judge as the ends of her movements are crisp and clean. For her size her lifts are always improving as well. Definitely tied to her technique. Proud of you Fancy Pants. Eunice is an all around good crossfitter. Her strengths lie in exactly that: her strength. The usual women's weight for CF workouts does not pose a huge problem for her ergo she can usually dummy anything with a barbell in it. This CrossFit profile for women often comes with poor gymnastics. Not the case with Em. She has good hspus and her muscle up is always getting better (although I dislike her giant kip - especially after seeing Andy fall last week). Admittedly not a very good runner (even before her achilles injury) she makes up for it on the rower. Add to all this she shows up ready to chew concrete, the will to get in there and give it her all, to make herself really uncomfortable and you have CFV's best female athlete. So I was surprised when, in the semi final, her team threw the first event: A 1 mile team heavy bag, kettle bell and barbell run. She figured they could not beat Reto's team at this event so they lollygaged the whole thing (except Donkey who finished 3 minutes ahead of his team). Granted there was strategy in what she was doing, and effective strategy at that, as they went on to win the next 2 events and take the semi. Hard to argue with a win that is for sure. I've been around athletics my whole life and if there is one thing I have learned it is that, win or loose, there is always a qualitative element to your performance. Sportsmanship can go a long way. My two cents: I was disappointed that they tanked the run. I understand it was strategy. Nevertheless, very uninspiring. And strategy is important as the finals illustrated. Each member of the four person team had to do a single workout and then do a big 4 person team workout together (5 workouts in total). Choosing the appropriate person to do the appropriate workout was key. We ran the workouts aggregate so a team could gain a time lead over the course of the workouts. A chase the rabbit kind of thing. Picking your best athlete for their best suited event and being aware of the match ups was a test for both teams for sure. Team Eunice built up a substantial lead after the four single events. The final was exciting and close but the lead was too big and the better more balanced team won. Congratulations to all the competitors! A big thank you to all who came out to judge, spectate and enjoy the events. A special thanks to TBear and Sack for putting up with me while we designed and tested the workouts. Tuesday's Workout: Warm Up: Window Wipers Tech: Max Reps Thruster (135/95 lbs) Workout: Fran 21, 15, 9 Thrusters Pull Ups As you all know we have done this workout every time The House of Sheppy programmed this year. My wish was for a more consistent exposure to that oh so special kind of intensity that only Fran can provide. Hopefully you all enjoyed it. I'm open to suggestions for a repeating workout to do every time I program next year. Enjoy! Shep