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What Should We Name The MadLab Owl?

I'm sure you've seen the owl hanging in our south bay door.  

The owl was placed there to ward off some crows making a nest.  Looks like he or she is here to stay...

Someone asked the other day "what is its name? (sorry I can't remember who but thank you for the idea!)

Which brings me to the question of today's post... What should we name the MadLab owl?  It definitely needs a name


Moving to an even bigger picture idea, is this an opportunity to make the owl into a MadLab Mascot?  

I think its a great idea.  A happy and healthy owl smiling in or around our logo on media and on swag? As a symbol the owl represents wisdom and this could be the embodiment of how we coach and train.  A much more evolved form of training than in our infancy all those years ago.  


We could go cartoon like this?

Or real life like so?

Maybe put some muscles on it?  A big smile?  The possibilities are endless.  

Milly the Owl?

Andy mentioned "Hootie".


Please let us know your ideas around a name for this owl and your vision for a MadLab Mascot.