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What To Work On to Advance Your Fitness?

A few weeks ago I posted about setting yourself up for success with your health and fitness.  We discussed food prepping on Sunday and being certain to workout or do an athletic endeavour on both Monday and Tuesday to get your week rolling in the right direction.  You can read it here.

I posed the question at the end of the post: Now what do you work on to get better?

Our class programming is designed for you to advance your all around fitness.  Its excellent at meeting the client where they are at and helping them forward.  However, there isn't one of you that doesn't have your own physical circumstances that need extra attention.  If you really want to advance your fitness then you need to be working on these circumstances.

Maybe its your pulling strength? Hip mobility? Thoracic mobility? Ankle mobility? Nagging pain in your lat? Knee is really sore? Shoulder flexion is dog poop? Want to get better at soccer? You want the core of a mountain but know its really a chihuahua down there? 

Working on any of these elements of your body and fitness on the side will help along the curve both better and faster. 

This speaks to the heart of our MadLab culture and business model... Coaching.  TALK TO YOUR COACH!!

They know what your body is good at and isn't so good at.  Even if its something new that has surfaced or you have a new athletic endeavour you should be discussing this with your coach.

I'll give you some examples:

Ruby wants to get a pull up so I gave her some programming she can use to reach her goal.  She does this before or after class depending on whether its a good fit that day.  The programming includes mobility to stave off any possible injury with this increased use of that body part.  Her Ring row is exemplary and the pull up will come in time.  

Genie and Alex wanted to work on their cardiovascular endurance so they did Andy's Project Kardia.

Jon Juan and Kari are partnering up for Festivus in a few weeks.  Months ago we tested out the workouts to see where they were strong and weak.  I gave then programming to increase their grip strength and improve their technique and competency with the barbell (namely Jon's thruster which is looking great these days).

Kirby found herself gassed during her soccer games so she does PTs and homework with me.  We work on her agility, cardio, lateral strength and movement.  Now she is the KirbsFit Champion of the World!

Janel had a forever grumpy shoulder.  We put on her on a healthy diet of the scap attack 3-4 times a week and boom!  Happy shoulder.  ;-)

Getting the picture?  

Now I understand that everyone's lives are different and maybe getting to the gym 2-3 times per week is all you can muster right now.  If that's the case then good for you for getting in.

For the rest of you give some thought on where you think you can improve.  Then talk to your coach on how they can help you.  

I can tell you one thing you can do to advance your fitness is to attend Chesty's Mobility class.  We all need to do more mobility.  I can't tell you how many of my hybrid PTs are spent mobilizing clients.  Now I don't mind doing this, in fact I quite like it, but you also have this available to you on a more consistent basis in our regular class curriculum.  Thursdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 11 am.  DO IT!!!

Ok thanks for reading.  Hope this helps you get on track and rolling with advancing your health and fitness.