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What We "Do" At Madlab

It is often hard to describe exactly what people "do" when they come to Madlab School of Fitness.

As people, we like to put things in a box; especially exercise.

You may hear your co-workers, friends and family members talk about how they do yoga, spin classes, boot camp, boxing, pilates and many other forms of exercise.

If someone asks a member at Madlab: "What do you do?" They may not know how to answer that question in a quick and easy manner as the friend or college did when they described their style of workout.

The Madlab member might be puzzled, even thrown off a little.

They might say something like: "We lift weights and do cardio. We also have six week focuses and I have a coach who helps me know what exercises I should and shouldn't do."

The person hearing this might be confused. They likely weren't expecting a long drawn out answer to what they thought could be a simple one-word answer.

They might reply with: "So it's like personal training?"

And the Madlab member might reply: "Sort of, but I do go to group training sessions"

This could lead to more confusion and more questions.

The Madlab member might just eventually succumb and say: "It's like functional fitness!" 



What we at Madlab want to do is educate people and avoid putting everything in a box.

Fitness is an experience, no doubt about it, but we believe the experience needs to be unique to the individual.

Generic ideas and generic approaches lead to generic results and experiences. No two people are exactly the same and this why we need to take time to address everyone individually, meet them where they are and devise a plan and strategy to ensure they have an enjoyable, safe and effective fitness experience. 

There are no secrets in regard to what we do at Madlab. We lift stuff, we carry stuff. We hinge, squat, push and pull. We run, bike, row and skip. We move our bodies in practical and impractical ways. We train joints along with muscles. We train the heart and the lungs. We expose people's weaknesses and create a plan to fix them. We create a progressive path, not a regressive one. We coach and educate as to why you are not the same as everyone else and why that matters when exercising. We keep you invested in the long game approach and avoid the quick fix. We create a place where you can have a lifetime of fitness experiences.

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